Collection of Information 2017
20160924 114452
As you are aware that the NGO Secretariat has changed its working modality to facilitate the NGOs in Sri Lanka.

In the view of strengthening and easing the process of monitoring, online information submission system will be introduced soon with revamping of official website of the Secretariat.

Until such time, Please make arrangements to submit the following details of your organization, to the NGO Secretariat in the formats attached, on or before 15th February 2017.

You are also requested to e-mail soft copies of the same to ngosecretariatsl@gmail.


1. Registration of NGOs
2. Facilitation Services to NGOs
3. Signing of MOUU with NGOs
4. Monitoring of NGO Activities and Providing information including Co- ordination between; the Government institutions, with other NGOs and the needy people
5. Legal actions against misconduct behaviors of NGOs