Legal Information
Legal Authority of the Secretariat
• Voluntary Social Service Organizations [Registration and Supervision] Act Number 31 of 1980.
• Voluntary Social Service Organizations [Registration and Supervision] [Amendment] Act Number 8 of 1998.
• Regulations issued under the Act published in the Extra-ordinary Gazette1101/14 dated 15/10/1999.
• Circular Letter of the Secretary to the President dated 26/2/1999.

Sections, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 In the Act are Applicable For Legal Action Against NGO's

Section 10
Where, in respect of a voluntary organization registered under this act, any allegation of fraud, or misappropriation is made by any person, the minister may refer such matter to a Board of Inquiry.
1. The Minister may appoint a Panel consisting of six persons of standing who are not public officers.
2. The Minister may, for the purpose of this act, constitute a Board of Inquiry, each consisting of three members chosen from the panel. The Minister may nominate one member to be the Chairman of a Board of Inquiry.
3. The members of a Board of inquiry shall be paid such remunerations as may be determined by the Minister in consultation with the Minister in charge of the subject of finance.

Section 12
1. Where a matter is referred to a Board of inquiry under section 10, such Board shall inquire and report on such matter to the Minister.
2. The procedure for the hearing and disposal of any matter referred to such Board shall be in accordance with the regulations made in that behalf.
3. Such Board shall submit the report on its findings to the Minister within fourteen days after the conclusion of the inquiry.

Section 13
For the purpose of an inquiry under section 12, a Board of inquiry shall have the power
1. to summon and compel the attendance of witness;
2. to compel the production o documents;
3. to administer any oath or affirmation to any person.

Section 14
Upon the receipt of the report of the Board of Inquiry in terms of section 12 (3), the Minister shall refer such report to the appropriate authority for steps to be taken according to law.