Visa Application
Visa Application

Particulars of the Visa Applicant

Dependent Details

Dependents (Details of Dependents Who Will Stay With You in Sri Lanka)

**Only three dependents will be permitted to accompany one expatriate at any given time. However, all the children below 18 years of age will be considered**

Name with Initials*

Date of Birth*


Relationship to Main Applicant*

Certificates to Prove Dependency (Please Attach Certified Copies of Marriage Certificate/Birth Certificates/Letter from Embassy etc.)

Marriage Certificate
Birth Certificate
Embassy Letter

Family Income Other than Income from Employment *
US $

Visa Particulars of Expatriate

Visa Particulars of Expatriate: *

Type of Visa Presently Available to Stay in Sri Lanka
(Note: Tourist Visa Will Not be Considered for Work Permit)

Entry Visa
Resident Visa

Date of Issue
Date of Expiry

Certification of Expatriate

I certify that the particulars given above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that my work permit will be canceled in an event where it is proved to the Sri Lankan Government that the above particulars are incorrect. I also hearby undertake to stay and work within the legal and socio-cultural framework of Sri Lanka during the period of stay.

Name of the Expatriate

Step 4

Documents Attachment

Step 5

Organizational Information (To Be Filled by Head of Department)

 Paid Employment
US $
US $